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    Membership is free! Join the group and get the latest updates and participate in the movement. There are ways to get involved in your community today and in the future. There are also monthly events and activities to participate that offer many ways to help progressive causes in Northeast Ohio. Read about CCPC HERE!

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    Join the Trump response team. Be a part of a network of people ready for the call. Join today! #cuycpc

    Trump Response Team

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    Would you like to join the Trump response team? Be a part of a network of people ready for the call. When Trump or the Republicans start to move we jump into action! You will need to be willing to receive a call and quickly make a minimum of 5 calls or texts to the people on your team, inviting them to either make more calls or join in an action. The action might be to call the White House or rally together to stand with a targeted group. Are you in?

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