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    Currently, Ohio's minimum wage is $8.10 an hour... far below what would be considered a living wage, even by conservative standards. However, a $15 minimum wage is a living wage here in Cuyahoga County but it is NOT YET the minimum wage. The Progressive Caucus is committed to increasing the standard of living for every person in the Cuyahoga County who suffers from wages far below what is required to make ends meet. This would be a HUGE step toward ending poverty locally. We are teaming up with Rise Up Cleveland to help pass legislation that would increase Cleveland's minimum wage to $15 per hour. Read the Proposed Ordinance HERE.

    About Rise Up Cleveland 

    Raise Up Cleveland is a movement to make poverty history. We won't stop until we ensure all workers have a path to $15 per hour and union rights, affordable child care, quality long-term care and properly address racism, discrimination, and injustice in our community. 

    In just two short weeks we were able to gather 28,662 signatures on a petition to raise the minimum wage in the city of Cleveland to $15 per hour. Now we are focused on reaching out to our City Council representatives to encourage them to act on this important issue.

    What About Small Business??

    Some claim that this proposed ordinance would hurt or even kill small businesses like restaurants. This is false. Here are some highlights from the ordinance:

    • Companies with 25 or fewer employees will be completely exempt from paying the $15 wage and are only subject to the state minimum of $8.10. 
    • Family owned establishments will be allowed to pay family members as well as "casual workers" the state minimum.
    • Employees who receive tips that equal (when combined with their wage) $15 or more per hour will be exempt. Meaning nothing will change for many food service staff. 

    Read the Proposed Ordinance (621-16) HERE           Visit Rise Up Cleveland for more information   

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    Check out Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus . I just joined.

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